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Dan Redmon

Dan Redmon

Desert Hot Springs, CA


The artist was born in Clemenceau, Arizona now devoured by the recent growth of Cottonwood. Always driven by art Dan has studied under desert painter, John Hilton; Claire Fry, the teacher of Norman Rockwell; the Russian Impressionist, Sergei Bongart and the desert Impressionist, Diane McClary.

He side-stepped his painting for nearly 20 years with his own art studio as he became known as a California warm and cold glass artist for the influential of the Inland Empire of Southern California, as well as the Museum of Television and Radio, Beverly Hills; Disney Studios, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros. He has artwork in collections of Gen. Colin Powell, ret., Gen. Robert Beckel, ret., Gov. Pete Wilson, Ralph Lauren, and internationally in the countries of South Africa, Japan, Ukraine, Germany, Argentina and across the U.S.A.

His sculptures of bronze, clay, and wood include a 2 ton monument he has installed on the campus of the University of California, Riverside. It is of black granite and bronze.

Dan follows the advice of his favorite mentor, Sergei Bongart as well as Diane McClary with profound idioms such as: "Only draw what the eye sees, not what the mind tells you", "First, you must paint dog, then you paint fleas." also, "Anyone can be a good artist, but first you must learn to see not just look." Follow this advice and you can also be a good artist.

Now, Redmon has returned to his great love of oil, brush, stone and bronze now living the low desert of Southern California.

Currently, he is giving art-related demonstrations to the art societies and other art interested groups in the area and is the outgoing president of the Art Colony of Morongo Valley in the high desert.


Door - Cathedral of Promise by Dan Redmon


Looking Bench by Dan Redmon


Jerry Miuh by Dan Redmon


High Riders by Dan Redmon


Rasta by Dan Redmon


The Rogue by Dan Redmon


The Dove Maiden 2 by Dan Redmon


The Dove Maiden by Dan Redmon


Prairie Woman by Dan Redmon


Female Torso 1 by Dan Redmon


Quaken Earth by Dan Redmon


Elation by Dan Redmon


Study in Red by Dan Redmon


Soul Mates by Dan Redmon


Alaskan Swallow by Dan Redmon


Desert Footprints by Dan Redmon


Raincross Trophy by Dan Redmon


Finished commission by Dan Redmon


Bronze fitting by Dan Redmon


Art Commission for UCR campus by Dan Redmon


The fine details before firing. by Dan Redmon


In my studio 2 by Dan Redmon


A visit to my studio up close by Dan Redmon


The creation of Eve by Dan Redmon


Painting still life by Dan Redmon


Jagger by Dan Redmon